allenAllen “Izzy” Butler, Videographer and Photographer
Allen is a native of Arizona and a graduate of Grand Canyon University. Allen graduated summa cum laude from GCU, and has studied and practiced a wide range of artistic expressions including audio engineering, video production, photography, web development, and studio session work. Allen has been the managing director at Schnebly Hill Recording Studio for over 20 years, and has led the firm in the expansion of its visual media production department under the Schnebly Hill Media brand since 2007. Allen has worked on many projects in the areas of audio, photo, and video production, as well as Web development for The LPGA, RotorSwing Marine, Banner Health, M. D. Anderson Cancer Research Centers, BBC 2, Republic Media, The Brand Consortium, Independent Newspapers Group, Sun Health, and many others. Allen is incredibly passionate about his work, and is an effective team lead in all areas of marketing, promotion, and brand development. Allen exemplifies customer service, and possesses a strong set of leadership skills that ensures projects are completed with alacrity and meet or exceed client expectations on a consistent basis.

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